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Recreation & nature-based adventures

Nature Adventures

On the southern tip of the picturesque island of Reinøya, you will discover Finnkroken. This is a typically inviting and beautiful North Norwegian rural district set amid wild and majestic nature.


Fishing and Boat hire

The nearby sounds of Grøtsund and Langsund are both excellent for fishing. Cod and coalfish are the most common catches, while catfish, haddock and tusk are also landed. Boats are available for hire with or without motors.


Northern Lights

Northern lights is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the northern hemisphere and is best seen around 70 degrees north. The strength of the Northern lights depends on solar activity and appears in dark and clear weather.


Finnkroken Feriehytter (Holiday Cabins) has an idyllic location on the southern tip of Reinøya in Troms County in Northern Norway. 

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