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Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Are you looking for the perfect place to observe northern lights?

Northern lights is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the northern hemisphere and is best seen around 70 degrees north. The strength of the Northern lights depends on solar activity and appears in dark and clear weather.

Finnkroken Feriehytter is located near 70 degrees north and is not polluted by light from other sources. This makes it a perfect place to observe northern lights. Tourists in the city center often order expensive guided tours from Tromsø to places that have the same conditions as we have at our cabins. If the conditions are right, you could even sit outside the cabin and enjoy the northern lights dancing in the sky above you.

There are direct flights with the airline Norwegian from London (Gatwick) twice weekly for Tromso Airport.

We offer our guest transport from the airport to the cabins. Car hire is a good option if you wish to look around during your stay.

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